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A little about me and my career

I believe that God has given me an artistic gift and I feel very blessed to have established a career in makeup, using that gift. I have been working as a makeup artist in West Midlands and nationwide for over 10 years. During that time I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most recognised photographers, models and music artists.

This has allowed me the opportunity to create looks for people of all skin tones, skin types, all ages and ethnicities. I’ve been given the chance to do makeup in most areas of the entertainment including television, print and video. I also do a lot of makeup for weddings and special events, which I love because it’s an honour to be a part of somebody’s important day. I continue to further my education on a constant basis and I am always taking courses that will help me grow as an artist.


Why I love being a makeup artist

I love art in general and make up faces has been a great for me to utilise my creativity. Colour theory is very important when it comes to makeup, as well sa knowing how to play with the balance of light and shadow, highlights and contours etc. It’s all applicable to the face and every client that I work on provides me with a new “canvas”.

One of the greatest rewards as a makeup artist has been witnessing the impact that I have ad on many of my clients, and the repeat customer loyalty that has developed with them as a result . To date, word of mouth referrals have been my greatest form of advertisement. That is always very exciting. It validates that the customer was happy with the work that I did for them. It also shows that they trust me to take care of the person they are referring me to  as well.

The most rewarding aspect of my career has been the fact that I’ve helped to build the confidence of so many women I have worked with. It’s unfortunate that a lot of women, including me, have insecurities about something relating to their appearance, or sometimes feel uncomfortable in their own skin. While I am a huge advocate of finding your inner beauty, first and foremost, I absolutely, love playing up the outer beauty as well.

There is a definite transformation that takes place during the makeup process, and it’s not just a physical transformation. There have been numerous occasions where I have worked on someone who is really self conscious about their skin, due to even skin tone, blemishes, etc. Upon completion of the makeup, I’ll direct them to a mirror so that they can see the finished product. This same person, who was once shy and self conscious, is now beaming with confidence and happy tears because of the way they look! It’s so fulfilling to be able to help boost someone’s confidence and make them feel as beautiful as everyone else perceives them to be.


A few things I want you to know

It is very important to me that my clients feel comfortable working with me, especially at such close proximity. I don’t ever want them to feel as though they can’t ask questions, or  suggest a change in the makeup I’ve done (i.e., darkening the eyeshadow, lightning the lipstick). I’m certainly not a diva, and I welcome their input. I do everything that I can to ensure that they are happy with not only the end result, but their entire experience. My work is something I take great pride in and am a self-proclaimed perfectionist. Therefore, I can say with confidence that my work is satisfaction guaranteed.


Safe, Sanitary, and Professional

I am very sanitary with my products and brushes, using disposable wands and spatulas to transfer products from the original container to the face. All of my brushes are deep cleaned with an antibacterial cleanser after each job and treated with alcohol before they dry.

This prevents and type of bacteria to build up or cross contamination between clients. When working on multiple clients (fashion showsbridal parties, etc). I sanitize the brushes between each makeup application, before I begin on the next person.

I use only the highest quality, professional grade makeup in my kit and stand by each of the products that have been selected for use on my clients. I promise not to use anything on their face that I wouldn’t trust to use on my own! I have been very particular when deciding what to use and have done my research on the products and their performance.

I primarily use MAC Cosmetics, but my kit also includes ChanelNARSBobbi Brown and Illamasqua products. All of these lines stand the test of time, when it comes to flawless makeup that not only looks beautiful to the eye, but photographs too.